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Shopping with Canine Angel, great products chosen by Nikki to offer you the best for you and your dog
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Shopping with Canine Angel, great products chosen by Nikki to offer you the best for you and your dog

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About Nikki Brown

Nikki Brown founder of Canine Angel
Nikki Brown is The UK' Leading Natural Dog Whisperer. She has earned her reputation as The Canine Angel through helping pet owners all over the world solve and prevent both health and behavioural problems using a totally natural and holistic approach.

Born in 1972, Nikki has spent her entire lifetime communicating with animals and gathering valuable experience in working to find solutions for them so they can lead happy healthy lives in the care of humans.

Nikki is qualified in both Human Psychology and Dog Psychology and is an Associate Member of the Canine Behaviour Centre. She has also extended her expertise into the field of Natural Pet Diet & Nutrition and Holistic Health Care For Animals, so she can offer a full range of services to her clients who are searching for more natural ways to solve their pet problems.
During Nikki's study to become a Natural Dog Whisperer, she spent 5 years travelling around the globe and volunteering in animal rescue shelters in the UK, USA, and New Zealand.

It was here that she worked with some of the most traumatised animals she has ever met and learnt valuable lessons from each and every one of them.

By working in the rescue system Nikki got to experience first-hand the extent of the problems they face. Their biggest problem being overcrowding and with so little resources to go around means many of the animals that end up in the shelters are sadly put to sleep.

Nikki has made it her life's mission to help spread education to pet owners everywhere about what they could do to prevent their animals from ever ending up in one of these shelters or being put to sleep early just because the right solutions were never found in time.

What Your Dog Is Begging For!
15 years on and Nikki now runs her own full time business helping clients through 1-2-1 personal mentoring programs, workshops and seminars.

Her major achievements include becoming an international online published author of "What Your Dog is Begging For!" and writes monthly articles and advice columns for international magazines related to the natural health industry. She has appeared on the television, in local and national press and local and national radio.

In the summer of 2014, Nikki achieved a life- long dream and wrote her very first Natural Dog Whispering Training Course so she could open up the opportunity to teach her trade to others. It is her aim to build a strong dedicated team to help with the vast problems our animal companions are facing with following certain protocols in today's pet industry.

Nikki's future aims and ambitions are to be able to build the UK's first Natural Animal Rehabilitation Centre where humans and animals can come together to receive the natural help they are looking for and she strives hard every day to make this dream a reality.

Meet Nikki's Best Friends.. Jake & Annie:

Jake was Nikki's very first dog and they were destined to meet. Nikki was only 15 years old when she saved Jake's life as he ran in front of an oncoming car! It turned out that Jake was a stray dog but he instantly fell in love with Nikki and he followed her the whole way home that day and decided to stay with her.

They bonded and became the best of friends but Jake did come with severe behavioural problems of showing extreme dog to dog aggression whilst out on their walks. Looking back on what happened, Nikki said she wished she had known what she knows now, but it was Jake's problems which led her on the path towards setting up Canine Angel.

The story of Jake is a sad one that took Nikki many years to completely get over. Because Nikki could only let Jake off the lead when no other dogs were around, she would go out late and night or early in the morning. One night she let him off the lead and he ran off.

Worried, Nikki called out for him and he returned a while later. Nikki could immediately see that something was wrong with him but did not know what and rushed him home and off to the vets.

It turned out that Jake must have been hit by a car as he had massive internal bleeding to his lungs where his rib cage had punctured them and he died the next day at the vets.

Nikki will never forget that night and was traumatised for many years after, blaming herself for her lack of leadership skills which she felt led to his early death.

It was that tragic night that led her to begin to study Dog Psychology as she wanted to learn more about the canine species, so she could understand them and help them out with any behavioural problems they had.

Meet Annie & Read Her Amazing Story!

Annie came into Nikki's life many years after Jake, but again, fate intervened and Nikki saved Annie's life.
Annie was a racing greyhound who had raced on the track for 4 years. After developing a leg injury, her racing trainer wanted to retire her into the Greyhound Trust. The problem was though that Annie was showing severe aggression towards anyone that entered her kennel!

It was going to be very difficult to find anyone who would take on such an aggressive dog but Nikki came along at just the right time!

At the time Annie's future was being decided upon, Nikki had emailed all the dogs homes in the area explaining that she was looking to adopt a dog who had really severe behavioural problems.

It turned out that Annie was being kept in her kennels just five minutes down the road from Nikki's house, so she jumped in her car and raced down to meet Annie.

Nikki took one look at Annie and instantly connected with her and knew exactly what Annie's problems were and how she could help her.

It took almost two years to fully rehabilitate Annie and get her well again after her life as a racing dog. With Nikki's incredible work in natural dog rehabilitation, Annie is indeed her biggest testimonial of how her work can turn the most aggressive dog into a happy, healthy and balanced animal again.

You can read Annie's full story here:

Nikkis passion for dogs started at a very young ageNikki says: "Maybe I was a dog in my last life, because from the moment I was born, I just connected with them instantly and knew what they were saying and feeling."

"Jake was such a pivotal soul in my life, he bought me so many gifts and lessons to draw upon. He still lives in my heart every day and I have so much to thank him for and 25 years on I still miss his cheeky little smile."

"Annie is my world, we have such a deep, mutual and respected bond with each other. She has helped me along the path just as much as I have helped her, so I am eternally grateful to have been blessed with her wisdom and knowledge and for the lessons she has shared with me."

"I love to be of service to others and help them on their journey with their animal companions and to help them bridge the gap between our species so we can truly be at one with each other."

"There is so much we can do to help reduce the numbers of animals being discarded over to rescue shelters or being put to sleep early because the right advice was never found. Our dogs give us everything unconditionally and I just love to help others give back to them in a way that benefits everyone."


Canine Angel is dedicated to the loving memory of Jake.... The little rascal!

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Nikki covers all your dog training and dog behaviour needs in the Birmingham, Shropshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire and Staffordshire area. However no distance is too far for Nikki to travel and she will cover anywhere in the UK to come and offer a helping hand to you and your dog. Nikki covers all your dog training and dog behaviour needs in the Birmingham, Shropshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire and Staffordshire area. However no distance is too far for Nikki to travel and she will cover anywhere in the UK to come and offer a helping hand to you and your dog.

Nikki Brown is based in the small but beautiful village of Highley Nr Bridgnorth, which is situated on the River Severn In Shropshire.

Nikki mainly covers all local areas including, Shropshire, Birmingham, Worcestershire and Staffordshire.

However No Distance is too far for The UK DOG WHISPERER to come and help you with your dog training and dog behaviour needs and will travel ANYWHERE IN THE UK to come and offer you a helping hand.

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