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Annie's Story,
By Annie

Dear readers, I wanted to write in my own words how Nikki helped me overcome some real problems and give me a second chance that no one else would give me.
Annie, Will anyone ever give me a home
Hello my name is Annie

I am a retired ex racing greyhound.

I was a fast runner in my days and would chase the furry thing around the track trying to catch it but never quite managed it.

I was about 3 years old when I injured my ankle and had to retire from racing. I was put intouch with the Retired Greyhound Trust where I was part time fostered by a nice lady who is one of the very dedicated volunteers down there.

I would go to my foster mums house at the weekend and have a great time with her and her three other greyhounds! Whilst it was great at this house and I really enjoyed it, my foster mom could not keep me full time, so I had to go back to the kennels during the week and started to become a bit unsettled with this routine and became a bit cranky.

My life was changing so much and I felt scared and unsure some of the time. When I felt scared I would sometimes snap and bite and I soon started to get a reputation for having fear based aggression.

What I needed was someone to love me and give me a forever home. Somewhere I could feel safe and somewhere I could settle.

One day my prayers were answered this nice lady called Nikki came and picked me up and said that she would look after me and give me a full time home and help me to rehabilitate to life outside of the kennels.

On picking me up Nikki removed the bright pink muzzle from my face and said I would not be needing this anymore. She explained to me that she couldn't see how I would grow in confidence with that attached to my face and that I needn't feel scared again as she was there to help and protect me. She would show me how not to be scared.

When we got to my new house, Nikki let me search and sniff out my territory and gave me plenty of time to settle in. Nikki quickly explained all the house rules to me and showed me where I was allowed to sleep and taught me how to use the garden for "business..." It took a little time to get the hang of this but Nikki was so patient with me.

Annie, Nikki took me down the valley for the first time

Annie, me and my best friend Nikki
Nikki could see that the diet I had been on was not agreeing with me as I had dreadful "mouth rot" and upset tummy.. I didn't feel well to be honest. My skin was dry and flakey, my coat was dull, my eyes were bloodshot and I had lost my sparkle.. no wonder I was a bit grumpy from time to time!

Ooh it was so good to finally get some real food inside of me.! Nikki understands that us dogs are carnivores and have been given a set of teeth to crunch, tear and rip meat from the bone.. She could see what that dried biscuit food was doing to my health and behaviour.. I mean come on would you feed a wolf or a lion biscuit all the time and expect it to be happy and healthy? Us dogs are animals and we need fresh prey to eat too!

Nikki worked every day with me, showing me new things and and letting me explore new environments. She was always there as my pack leader, in charge of everything so i started to relax and trust and respect her.

Over the months Nikki and really bonded we became one. Everyone was saying how well I looked and what a marvellous turn around I was making.

I did not feel the need to show my teeth or snap or bite anymore...I had Nikki by my side, my mouth rot has completely cleared up and I felt great for the first time in years!

Nikki adopted me and made me officially hers! We decided that we would stay together for the rest of my life... being best friends to each other. That was the best day of my life.. to finally know this is where I am going to stay. I still get to visit my other foster mum every now and again for little holidays when Nikki has to go away and I love it there. I can say I have a very happy life now thanks to everyone at the RGT and for Nikki helping me to live in the outside world.

Nikki tells everyone what great pets us "ex racing dogs" make, we generally like to sleep and rest most of the day but love to cuddle and play and we make great companions to go for a walk...

There are lots of other greyhounds like me at the Retired Greyhound Trust

So please check them out and think about giving someone like me a forever home.

Signing off for now

But much love to you all out there

Annie xxxx
Annie looking godd because of Canine Angel

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