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Shopping with Canine Angel, great products chosen by Nikki to offer you the best for you and your dog
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Shopping with Canine Angel, great products chosen by Nikki to offer you the best for you and your dog

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What Your Dog Is Begging For

Great NEW eBook from Nikki Brown,
What Your Dog is Begging For!

The complete 50 page, fully illustrated eBook (also available as Printed copy) step-by-step training course to help you make the switch from Commercial Dry/Wet Pet Food to a Natural Raw Food Diet.

Feeding a Raw Natural Diet really is so simple and much more cost effective than continuing to pour dry kibble or tinned pet food into your petís bowl on a daily basis for the rest of its life. Commercially fed animals are much more likely to clock up hefty veterinary & behaviourist bills along the way and are prone to much shorter lifespans than raw fed animals are.

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Cory's Story

Cory's Story tells the true life of a yellow Labrador retriever, from the day author Sandra DeMers and her family bought him as a puppy until the present, and his incredible triumph over Epilepsy.

The Story begins with the terrifying account of Cory's first Grand Mal Seizure when he had just turned three years old. It then travels back to the amusing anecdotes of this likable lab in his healthier younger days. As it moves forwards it draws the reader into the frightening world of Canine epilepsy and how Cory and his family cope with the challenges.
More than Cope they completely cure Cory of his seizures by switching him to a diet of only raw food, instead of commercial dog food.
As Cory never received any anti epilepsy drugs, only the change of diet can unequivocally, explain how his seizures ceased more than five years ago.
Cory's Story gives owners of dogs with epilepsy information and resources to make informed decisions about treatment options and, finally, aims to give as many dogs as possible better lives by convincing their owners that a natural diet consisting of raw meat on the bone is the healthiest way to feed them.

Nikki Brown - The UK Dog Whisperer Says
This book is a must read for every dog owner. Cory's story will not just melt your heart and make you laugh: it will enlighten you to the dangers of commercial pet food and how feeding it to your dog can contribute to diseases such as epilepsy. This story will take you on an amazing journey of discovery of how one very brave Labrador dog and his living and devoted family overcomes his battle with the disease by feeding him a raw natural diet and applying natural treatments and therapies.

These books all have the Nikki Brown Seal of Approval so you know you are getting the very best for your little angel's.

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