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The Canine Angel
Natural Pet Diet & Nutrition Program


99% of Pet Owners Are Not Even Aware That They Are Making This HUGE Mistake... And Slowly Poisoning Their Best Friend!


Take a look at Dog Psychology with Nikki Brown and Canine Angel

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Firstly, let me explain the title, because for some people it may seem a little unnecessarily scary…

Well the real truth of the matter is that the problem I'm going to share with you is actually much more serious than many people believe it to be.

I hope the fact that the information laid out for you here will bring to light some very serious issues regarding your pet's health and well-being, and I owe it to you and your dog to be as honest and informative as I can.

I wouldn't be fulfilling my role as one of the UK's leading authorities on this subject, if I didn't give you the information I know could mean the difference between a happy, healthy pet and a pet riddled with health and behavioural problems.

Problems which might otherwise remain hidden from the unsuspecting pet owners everywhere.

After all, our canine and feline friends can't talk to us or communicate their pains and discomforts in the same way that we can as humans, so they may begin to display problematic behaviours instead to try and tell us that something isn't right.

It's our job, as responsible carers, to pay more attention to the needs of our animals and address any problems that occur.

By making yourself aware of what you could be doing to unintentionally harm your dog or cat, and also to change a few things for your pet's benefit in light of new information, you are one step closer to helping your beloved friend to live the happiest and healthiest it can live… Just the way nature intended.

So, with that in mind… Let's begin....... "Stop Poisoning Our Pets!"

Stop poisoning our pets? - What do I mean by this?

I have no doubt at all that you do everything you possibly can to look after your dog or cat, treat it well and give it what it needs to be happy and healthy. The problem is that most pet owners are actually unaware of the damage these giant pet food companies are doing to their furry friend. They encourage us to believe that by emptying processed pet foods into our pet's bowl on a daily basis is the healthiest way to feed our best friends!

Let us take a look at an example of what I mean. The following case study is a common problem I have encountered among dog and cat owners.

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Shopping with Canine Angel, great products chosen by Nikki to offer you the best for you and your dog

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Take a look at Dog Psychology with Nikki Brown and Canine Angel

Bella's Case Study:

Bella was suffering with a sever skin condition that would make her scratch and cry in pain. As you can see from the pictures below her skin and coat were in poor health. After several trips to the vet and taking courses of prescribed medications, her condition did not improve, so her worried owner Ken contacted me for some help & advice.

I suggested that Bella was in fact having an allergic reaction to her dry processed pet food and suggested we put her through The Canine Angel Natural Pet Diet & Nutrition Program straight away. Within a space of a couple of months of completely removing all processed pet foods from her diet and boosting her natural immune system with the correct nutrients, we helped Bella to regain her full health and Vitality again! Her skin condition completely cleared up for good, leaving her to show off her brand new soft & glossy coat and she is now enjoying life to her fullest and is thriving and happy again!

The Canine Angel Natural Pet Diet & Nutrition Program.

Bella 8 Weeks into
The Canine Angel Natural Pet Diet & Nutrition Program.

Ken Abell from Staffordshire says:

"These pictures were taken around the time I telephoned you for advice on what to do, since in spite of our regular visits to the vet's Bella's skin problems were getting worse. Bella was going crazy, chewing at her paws and crying with the pain of it all. You told me to throw all that expensive top of the range kibble away and feed them raw natural foods supplemented with Natural Pet Vitality Fulvic Acid Minerals and just look at the transformation in around 2 months!!

"It was just amazing how quickly she got better and there have been NO more skin problems and NO more regular and costly visits to the vets."

"Thank-You Nikki, we can't begin to thank you enough for providing us with this really valuable education!"

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Nikki works with top photographers to create the right state of mind for you and your dog to ensure the photographer captures that special shot.

Pet Portraits from Canine Angel

Pet Bereavement Counselling
Pet Bereavement Counselling. Canine Angel has a truly remarkable understanding of the special bond you have with your pet and reassures you that you needn’t face this sad time alone.

Pet Bereavement Counselling

Ninja's Case Study:

Ninja was only a pup but was already feeling the effects of being fed on one of the top leading brands of pet food. His owner noticed that Ninja's energy levels were very erratic and he could not concentrate on new commands and training.

Ninja's owner felt maybe it was due to the foods he was feeding him and wanted to do the responsible thing and learn about proper pet diet & nutrition, so he could give his new pup the healthiest chance in life.

He was so pleased to find the Canine Angel Natural Pet Diet & Nutrition Program and commented at how well Ninja took to the new diet and how his concentration and behaviour improved significantly.

Ninja's behaviour was unbalanced and erratic. His coat was dull and greasy and he had a dull and tired look in his eyes.

8 weeks into The Canine Angel Diet & Nutrition Program Ninja is calm, balanced and gleaming from head to toe showing he is thriving on his new natural diet. His inner sparkle shines through and is a well behaved little dog.

Dan Moore, from Reading says:

"I had been noticing that the ingredients that go into dog biscuits seemed to make Ninja very energetic and he wouldn't listen to commands at times. I had been searching the internet for some trustworthy information on pet feeding and came across The Canine Angel Natural Pet Diet & Nutrition Program."

"The What Your Dog is Begging For!" training manual answered all the questions I had and gave me the extra confidence I was looking for to change Ninja's diet."

"After a few weeks of following the program, Ninja's hyperactive behaviour seemed to disappear and his responsiveness to commands improved significantly!"

"Since I have changed Ninja's diet, my friends have also noticed his behaviour has improved and how healthy his coat looks, so they decided to change their dog's diet too and have also seen great improvements with their dog's health and behaviour."

"I can say Nikki really knows her stuff and I would put my trust in her with any of my animals."

Kia's Case Study:

Kia was adopted from a rescue shelter by Debbie and her family and within 3 days of being in his new home, he had attacked the washing machine and destroyed it and bit one of the family members on the leg. Debbie was very concerned about Kia's aggression, but she did not want to send him back to the shelter, so she contacted me for help and we began by putting Kia straight onto the Canine Angel Diet & Nutrition Program.

Debbie from Littleover says:

"We have a rescue Border Collie called Kia and this program has helped turn him from an aggressive and hyperactive mess into a calm and affectionate pet."

"I would definitely recommend the Canine Angel Diet Nutrition program to anybody who is serious about the health and general well-being of their dog."

"After following this program, we changed our dog's diet completely- we got rid of all the commercial pet food and put him on natural diet that nature intended him to eat. The new diet has saved us money on food bills and less trips to the vet."

"We have had so many comments about how much he's changed. He is so loving and so much calmer. After a few weeks on the diet, we could see the difference and his coat is a beautiful & glossy and his teeth are so white and healthy now!"

"I can't thank Nikki Brown enough for her valuable help and advice!"

Debbie Jones, Littleover, Derby.

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Discovery Programs from Canine Angel

These are just a selection from the many case studies about how pet owners have found some real solutions to their pet's problems, just by following this simple, but life changing program.

Did you know that processed pet food has only been around for just over 100 years and in that time we have started to witness the consequences of replacing our canine and feline's diet with these type of foods.

With health and behavioural problems on the rise we need to ask ourselves, "Is this way of feeding our pets actually the best thing for them?"

With 4 out of 5 dogs suffering with mouth rot and tooth decay what is it in the pet food that is causing this? The dog's ancestors who lived on raw food in the wild did not suffer with this condition and had healthy mouths and perfect sets of pearly white teeth.

And what about the minor diseases and ailments such as skin, ear and eye allergies? What causes these?

There has been a significant rise in more serious health problems reported such as canine epilepsy, canine cancer and organ failure. So what is it that is causing these life threatening diseases?

Now let's look at behavioural problems like fear, nervousness and aggression. Most of the time these behaviours are blamed on the breed or on the owner for not caring for the dog properly, but what if it was the toxic ingredients found in commercial pet foods that are significantly contributing to these problems?

It is not just what is being put into commercial/processed pet foods that we need to look at but also what is being omitted from our pet's diet on a daily basis that we need to consider.

We have replaced the vital natural nutrients found in raw natural meaty bones with things like, biscuits, raw hyde chews and toys which have been made to mimic the real thing.

It is worth noting that the two main factors which contribute to health and behavioural problems are:

1) Too many toxins found in the system.
2) Deficiencies of vital nutrients such as natural vitamins and minerals.

When we correct these two imbalances we create a healthy system for cells to thrive in. Many health or behavioural problems are improved and sometimes can be cured completely.

Clients of mine who have invested into Canine Angel Natural Pet Diet & Nutrition Program have reported that their pet food and pet care bills have significantly reduced year on year. I personally have made huge savings by switching my own dog's diet to a more natural and healthy way of feeding.

My dog Annie has been feeding naturally for over five years now and she is incredibly healthy and she has not needed to see a vet during that time. This has saved me time, money and heartache.

Feeding Annie on dry processed food was costing me £1,500 per year!! Her food bill is now £10 a week which is only £520 a year! A huge saving of £1000 per year!

The Truth of the Matter is many veterinary surgeries and pet food companies will advise you AGAINST natural feeding as there is no money or profit in it for them.

I want to help you make these savings too, but more importantly I want to help you SOLVE your pet's health and behavioural problems, help to EXTEND their life span and PREVENT them from being sent to an early grave with some nasty life threatening disease or being put to sleep because their problems became too costly to fix.

I really do care about you and your little fury friend and want the very best for them which is why I have developed this simple to follow program. It will educate you on the many benefits of feeding your canine and feline friends a healthy diet they can thrive on.

The Canine Angel
Natural Pet Diet & Nutrition Program.

The Canine Angel Natural Pet Diet & Nutrition Program is the only one like it in the world and it achieves the success and results you are looking for in helping your pet to lead a healthier, happier and longer life with you.


Highly detailed training manual including video training links.
Learn about what goes into processed pet foods and how this can affect the health and behaviour of your pet.

Learn which ingredients are left out of processed pet foods and what the consequences of this can be.

Easy to follow guidance on Natural Pet Diet & Nutrition suitable for both cats and dogs!

Step by step instructions on how to make the transition from processed foods to raw natural foods safely.
Education on what foods are safe to feed and which ones are not.
Find out how to save money on your yearly pet food and pet care bills!
Learn about the amazing health benefits of Fulvic Acid Minerals.
The changes and benefits you will notice in your pet's health, behaviour and energy levels when you make the switch.
The health & safety aspects of feeding raw natural foods to your pet.

With so many varied opinions on what is the best and safest pet food on the market, I have used my wealth of experience and knowledge in this field to develop this very easy to follow and step by step guide to understanding what your dogs and cats are really begging for!

This fully illustrated training manual will show you how different foods can affect your pet's health and behaviour and helps you to discover the truth about why your pet thrives on the foods it was designed to eat. It helps you with everything you need to know from where to buy from and how much to feed and the savings you can make by just making a few simple changes to your pet's daily feeding routine.

ETraining Manual PDF version

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The Supplement
Fulvic Acid Minerals
Natural Pet Vitality Fulvic Acid Minerals

Available in 6 Different Sizes: Suitable for ALL Animals, Birds & Reptiles.

50gm Bag: £11.99
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The Canine Angel Natural Pet Diet & Nutrition Program is suitable for all pet owners who have animals that may be suffering with the following conditions:

Minor Health Issues:

Major Health Issues:Behavioural or Emotional Issues:
Eye or ear infectionsCancerHyperactivity
Gum disease or tooth decayArthritisAggression
Digestion problemsCanine epilepsyObsessivness
Urinary tract problemsThyroid problemsNervousness
Anal gland problemsOrgan failure or diseaseAnxiety
Skin or coat problemsNervous system problemsFear
Toileting troublesNeurological conditionsDominating

Please Note:
The Canine Angel Natural Pet Diet & Nutrition Program has been designed so you can study on your own at home and at your own pace. However, if you would like to consult me about your animal's health or behavioural problems then you can complete the Contact Form HERE and receive details of how you can book on a personal 1-2-1 Skype, Telephone or Home Visit Program with me.

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