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Natural & Organic
Pet Supplements

Natural Pet Vitality
The only pet supplement which
is suitable for ALL Types of
Animals, Birds & Reptiles!
Contains: Fulvic Acid Minerals,
Digestive Enzymes & Probiotics!

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Fulvic Acid Supplement
For Humans

Vita-Min-Zyme Contains Six Products in One!

Our Pet Owners Love Fulvic for their animals and often ask if we do one for humans! The Answer is YES!

An all in one fulvic acid supplement for humans:

90 Caplets
A Natural Organic Complex Of:

Water Soluble Trace Minerals
Digestive Plant Enzymes
Okinawa Coral Calcium!
For more details of how our fulvic products help Humans & Animals

Bio Resonance Therapy

We use one of the most advanced and effective†Bio Resonance
balancing & remedy selection systems†in†energetic medicine called,†
The E-Lybra Scanner
. This revolutionary, fully automatic
PC-based analysis, tests for over 285,000 different imbalances,
disorders (physical & psychological) & destructive substances.
To analyse what is going on in your animalís entire system, we just need a hair, feather or wool sample from them. Once the scanner has located the imbalances, it will select the exact natural remedies needed and tailor-make a specific Bio Resonance Formula, which is then charged into the E-Pendant. This is then simply attached to your petís collar, so it can receive the energy balancing it needs, without the need for any potions or pills.

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Books & Training Manuals

What your dog is begging for
Cory's  Story
Pet Diet & Nutrition
Training Manual
PDF version £27.99
Printed version £49.99
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The Complete
Natural Dog
Whispering Home
Study Manual
Coming Soon!
True Story of How Cory
Conquered Canine Epilepsy
Without Taking Any
Prescription Drugs!
Hardback £9.99
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Canine Angelís Made To
Measure Walking Equipment

What your dog is begging for
High Grade Fleece & Webbing
Harness & Training Lead Sets
Waterproof Air Mesh Harness
& Training Lead Sets

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Natural Pet Vitality Every Day - Keeps The Vet Away...

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Natural Pet Vitality

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