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The Canine Angel
Breakthrough Session Service

Pay Your Breakthrough Session Booking Fee
1 Hour £52.50 ...or... 30 Minutes £32.50

Consult With Nikki & Receive Her Expert Help
& Advice On Any Pet Related Matter...

The Breakthrough Session is a completely confidential service where you consult directly with Nikki, so you can speak openly about any pet related matters that are concerning you, have all your questions answered and receive instant help and advice to begin solving your pet's health or behavioural issues straight away!

We offer our Breakthrough Session Service over Skype call or Telephone call and you will need to allow 30 minutes or 1 hour depending on your chosen session to be completed.
Please Note: You will need to book One Breakthrough Session Per Animal which you wish to receive help with.

Once your booking payment has been made, you will receive an email with a short questionnaire to complete about your pet and Nikki's diary schedule for you to choose a suitable time for your Breakthrough Session to begin.

Personally Designed Home Visit Programs For You & Your Pet

If you require personal home visit training from Nikki then you will first need to book on a Breakthrough Session so your needs can be discussed and a full written quotation for any follow up services you may require will be emailed to you upon request.
Home visit from Canine Angel Nikki Brown

Home Visit Programs Include:

1-2-1 help, support & training from Nikki through every step of your program, through Skype, Telephone & Home Visits
Up to 12 hours expert tuition in Human & Dog Psychology, Interspecies Communication, Natural Pet Diet & Nutrition and Natural Alternatives For Animals
Educational & study aids through training manuals & videos
Bio Resonance Therapy Hair Test Scan & Therapy
Canine Angel's safe & comfortable dog walking equipment
Follow up calls & Lifetime Support Guarantee!

The Canine Angel Natural Health Program

If your pet is suffering with health problems and you want to look at a more natural approach to solving these issues, we can offer Skype, telephone or home visits, to offer a wide range of natural therapies and treatments to help aid your pet back into health & vitality!

Book Your Breakthrough Session Now.

The Canine Angel Pet Diet & Nutrition Program

Looking for help & support with your pet's diet & nutrition matters? We offer Skype and telephone consultations and training sessions to help with your pet's diet and nutrition needs and support you through any changes you wish to make for them. .

Book Your Breakthrough Session Now.

The Canine Angel Dog Aggression Program

Learn to understand what causes dog aggression and how to solve it, by bringing your dog back into balance, so its aggressive outbursts become a thing of the past.

This program is also suitable for dogs with extreme behavioural issues, such as: Fear, Phobias, Anxiety or Obsession!

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The Canine Angel Dog Walk Program

Achieve a calm balanced and stress free walk by learning how to solve issues such as; lead pulling & recall & form an incredibly deep bond, so your dog wants to naturally follow your lead by listening to and respecting your commands.

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The Canine Angel Puppy Program

Set your new puppy up for a successful life with you, free of health & behavioural problems, by learning how to choose the right puppy for you & your family & how to care for and train your puppy correctly.

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The Canine Angel Rescue Dog Rehabilitation Program

Achieve successful rescue dog rehabilitation by learning how to quickly form a trusting bond and solve any health or behavioural issues your new rescue dog may have.

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The Canine Angel Home Environment Program

Achieve a well-balanced and well-behaved dog, in and around your home, garden or car, by learning how to solve any behavioural issues quickly & effectively.

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Discover a Whole New Way Of Life With Your Best Friend By Booking Your Breakthrough Session Today!!


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